We are serious and dedicated breeders who love Brittanys and the folks who own, hunt, field trial and show our favorite breed!


We have been raising, training and hunting Brittanys for over thirty years. I grew up tagging along with my father and his hunting partner, even before I was old enough to carry a gun. As a youngster, I remember many great hunts for both quail and pheasant throughout Illinois. All those hunts were over great gun dogs.

One of my fondest memories was a quail hunt in Adams County, Illinois when I was 14 years old. My father’s hunting partner, Ron Heine, grew up in Adams County and we would take an annual trip there for a weekend of some of the best quail hunting in the state. It was common to bust 8-12 coveys a day.

On this particular trip we were joined by Dean Haley. Dean owned the great Brittany, FC AFC Cutty Sark V. Cutty was a brag dog’s, brag dog. We were hunting along a field edge that was bounded by a deep creek cut with excellent cover. We had Cutty Sark V, one of his sons owned by Ron, my father’s English Setter and a Brittany owned by Ron’s father named Queen.

Honored Point












Cutty hit a hard point and the other three came in and honored. We flushed a large covey and put five birds down out of the covey rise. Two birds dropped in the brush ahead of us and three birds dropped over the ravine cut and into the creek. Cutty held steady until released and then retrieved all five birds to hand, while the rest of us stood there and marveled at what was surely the best dog we had ever seen!

I promised myself that someday I would own a dog as good as Cutty. Every one of our dogs has Cutty Sark V in their bloodlines and I am proud to have owned a couple of dogs as good as Cutty. Rip It Good is the best dog we have raised or owned to date, and his pups are following in his footsteps. Be sure and check out his pups on the puppy page and read the testimonials from their happy owners.


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