We are serious and dedicated breeders who love Brittanys and the folks who own, hunt, field trial and show our favorite breed!

About Us

 There a few things you should know about us. We are not professional breeders. We are not backyard breeders either. We do not raise Brittanys for a living and we are not in it for the money.We are serious and dedicated breeders who love Brittanys and the folks who own, hunt, field trial and show our favorite breed!  Rip's win Picture at Bong

I am a minister and my wife is a special education teacher. Brittanys have been an important part our family as our children were growing up. My family has had Brittanys for thirty five years. When Pam and I were first married, we had a daughter of Cutty Sark V. When I entered the army, we were unable to keep her. We were without a Brittany for a number of years until our oldest son, Jacob, began to tag along with dad on his hunts. Soon we were looking for a Brittany he could call his own. We bought him a great little grand-daughter of Cutty Sark V and all of a sudden, we were back into Brittanys. Soon dad had to have his own dog too, and we were up to two. When our second son turned twelve, we went to Gene Salmons and picked out a cute little pup by FC Rock It and out of his great bitch, Bk’s Dream Jesse. Jason named him Rip It Good.¬† (Pictured above, Jason, Rip and Gene Salmons after a big Derby win at Bong Recreation Area, Racine WI)

The rest is history! Rip turned out to be a once in a lifetime dog for us. We had not planned on owning a field trial dog, but he was Jason’s dog no matter what. Rip¬†would sleep in Jason’s bed when he¬†was not at Gene’s house running in field trials. After attending a couple of field trials with Gene and Rip, we discovered a great way to extend our hunting seasons into productive father and son time outdoors with the dogs.

When my youngest child, Abby, turned twelve, she wanted her own dog too. We returned to Gene’s and bought her Dogwood’s Spring Lilly. Field trials are now a great venue for father and daughter time too.

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Although hunting is still the main purpose we raise Brittanys, we are committed to the ideals that have made the Brittany the best family hunting companion available. And if you are going to do something, you should do it right! That’s why we strive to breed Dual Quality dogs. Intense gun dogs that look good too!

Chances are that you are checking us out because you want a great hunting dog that will be a part of your family. That’s what got us into Brittanys and it’s why we raise them still. Give us a call or drop us an email. We will work hard to help you find the perfect pup for your family.


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The Parmenter boys after a successful day’s hunt.¬† Great dogs make a huge difference!

AKC Breeder of Merit