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Hall of Fame

On this page you will find some of the best dogs around! Customers from all around the country send us pictures and brags about their Dogwood-bred Brittanys. We pride ourselves on matching the right dog for your family. Your Dogwood-bred pup could be next!


We’ve been Brittany owners and bird hunters for nearly 30 years and so when we were looking for our last pups we knew what we wanted in a dog. After nearly a year of looking we were fortunate to find Todd Parmenter and Dogwood Kennels. What a find.  We bought 2 pups, one male and one female, both out of his awesome stud Rip. They both had excellent temperaments, were very biddable, and had lots of hunt in them. We took those two pups on a tour of Montana and North Dakota when they were just 7months and they hunted like seasoned pros. Many many birds were shot over those two young dogs.  I couldn’t have been happier with my new pup. After her fall hunting and winter hunt club outings I can’t wait to see her perform this fall. I just hope I don’t disappoint her with my shooting! Early this spring my son picked up an 8 month old pup, also out of Rip. They are managing a pheasant farm together in central Wisconsin. And yes, you can train one of Todd’s dogs to herd pheasants in a pen, and be solid on point in the field!  Tyler and Turk are anxiously awaiting the season openers because living with 90,000 pheasants is just not enough birds! We also have one of Todd’s pups living just down the street from us. Todd’s pups have a way of selling themselves – one look at our pups and the neighbors were on the phone!  Todd raises the best Brittany’s we’ve seen in a long long time. As hunters we want good confirmation, which translates into good legs and a long life in the field. We want good genetics which gives us the noses we want to find the birds, and perhaps most important we want a dog that we can live with (yes of course they are in the house and on the bed) and love for the other 11 months out of the year. Todd has worked with our family to ensure that we have not only good pups, but also the right pup for us. We’ll be coming back to Todd for our next dog – no doubt about it!

Mary and Bob Eloranta

Head high point on South Dakota pheasants.

Double retrieve on North Dakota Prairie Chickens.

Prairie Chickens and Grouse, a good days hunt!


Dave and Jesse, first trial, first win, two puppy points.  Rip & Lilly 2007 litter.

Jesse with her first pheasants, fall 2007.


Sante and her hedgehog.

Todd Parmenter has met all our expectations with our family pet, Sante.  We found Todd and his litter through the internet.  We liked the blood lines and the dogs’ health history.   We saw a few pictures of Sante (our family dog) and she looked healthy with all the right colorings and markings.  We had a friend who belonged in a Brittany Association in Washington State and we asked him to do a back ground check on Todd’s dogs and he expressed great interest in Todd’s pups.   Again, never seeing our dog we decided that this dog was for us! Todd coordinated all the airline reservation, carefully making sure there were no connectors and making sure the weather was accommodating for our puppy.  Todd brought our puppy to the vet and Sante received all her inoculations and a clean bill of health.  He also purchased an airline approved crate for her to travel in and drive over an hour to the airport with his family to see our puppy off.  Todd had great communication through out the whole process and we were greatly appreciative of all his loving efforts for our puppy.  We still keep in touch with Todd expressing how wonderful Sante is.  Sante possess everything that is true to the Brittany breed.  We always receive complements on what a beautiful dog she is.  If we ever have friends who are interested in a Brittany we would highly recommend Todd and his pups .   If you have any questions regarding Todd’s pups please contact us atmmartenak@hotmail.com

Ryan & Melissa Walke, Florida via Washington State


Todd,  Sorry it has taken so long for me to get these to you.  It’s been crazy around here. I just finished coaching basketball and now I’m starting to coach golf! Bebo is growing like a weed. He is an awesome companion and I think he will be a good hunter.  We’ll find out soon!!  We really enjoy having him around and we’ve forgotten what life was like without him.  I’m just going to attach a few random pictures some from when he was really young and some from recently.  Thanks.  Keep in touch!!

Joe Urbanek
Tripoli MS/HS Math TeacherMS  Football Coach/Asst. HS Boys Basketball Coach
Tripoli, IA


Turk & Tyler manage a pheasant farm in Wisconsin.  Turk helps him keep track of the merchandise.  As you can see, he is intent on the rooster.  In my book, Tyler and Turk have a dream job!


Todd, How have you and your wife been these past months since we picked up our pup Belle or Valentine as you were calling her? Belle has been doing well and is a very energetic dog to say the least.  Sometimes she can be a real hard head always testing her alpha status and pushing the envelope with our other Britt Heidi. All in all the two of them get along and hunt well together. She started on live birds at 4 months and I started shooting quail over her at 5 months. Yesterday she hunted her first “planted” pheasants finding two out of three birds. One of them was a runner and she is still learning about how to intercept or cut off the runners. Retrieving is been going pretty good but she still wants to turn her butt to you sometimes telling you it’s her bird, but she is very soft mouthed. She was fixed two weeks ago and will be going on her first wild bird hunt November 1st down by Paxton Ill. On Nov. 9th we leave for Nebraska for a 3 day wild bird hunt so I hope she up to the job since it will be just Belle and I.  I enclosed a couple of pictures of her taken last week so you can see that she turned out to be a beautiful girl, and that’s what everyone says when they see her. Belle is a very loving dog and we love her very much.

Will Heili

Belle, Owner-Will Heili



I wanted to send you an update and a couple of pictures of Flood (the pup you called Maybelline).  Flood is a beautiful, sweet, affectionate, happy-go-lucky girl.  She charms everyone she meets.  She is a perfect playmate for Thursday, our 2 year old Brittany.  It is a delight to watch the two of them together.  Flood loves the pool, as you can see in one of the attached pictures, and, in general, has never met a body of water she didn’t feel the need to jump into.  Flood sleeps on my son’s bed every night.  We are so thrilled to have her as part of our family.  Thanks so much for such a great pup.

Take care,




Thought you might like to see Gunner’s first successful point & kill.  Pictured is my son Kyle, also his first successful harvest.  We have been out hunting  about 5 times this year, Gunner is coming along, still runs a bit big  but the “lightbulb” went on 2 weeks ago when he made a nice point &  flush.  I of course have yet to hit a thing, going 0 for a bazzillion.
This hunt was Friday after Thanksgiving, Gunner made a couple of good points & tracks, is working well w/ a buddies chocolate lab.  Gunner is a bit headstrong w/ the kids & wife, but a for year old pup, he’s doing OK Happy holidays.